Crash! @ ArtStreet 6.18.15 & The Importance of Networking


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The Importance of Networking and Group Collaboration For Us:

“Networking is about making connections and building enduring, mutually beneficial relationships.”

-As stated from the Strategic Business Network

By Rose DeFluri
What is a crash? According to the fourth definition of the word. In the Merriam-Webster dictionary, crash means to move forward aggressively. To be honest, that’s the most fitting description of the word for our purposes. Working in conjunction to the Institute for Arts Nexus has taught us (being the collaboration accelerators) to grasp on to an idea and CRASH! When hosting a crash event, we take our ideas and run with them in this hypothetical relay of thoughts.
Our first experience as a group hosting a crash was amazing. We brought all of the collaborators together with the shakers and movers of Dayton. The dynamic, the energy and the enthusiasm we all share for Dayton gives me hope for the rest of this summer.

First you need to find what you’re trying to accomplish yourself by networking, then the next question to ask who else is trying to do what I’m trying to do? Or has this already been accomplished? If so what are the suggestions I may recieve? The 12 of us through the Collaborator Accelerator program thought we had a wide range of knowledge and ideas but it turns out “the more the merrier.” The key component is to bounce ideas off of one another. Ultimately networking is a valuable asset in any project.

-Chris Lippiello

Networking is a chance to find interest in other people’s work and create bonds that will propel your own work forward. When people invest time in other people they’re more receptive and willing to assist you in the future.

-Andrew Arnett


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Why Should We Network?

Learn dynamics within your industry
Establish your business contacts
Get “plugged in” to your community
Seek new career opportunities
Facilitate win-win relationships
Create your referral networks
Accelerate your professional development
Develop knowledge resources
(from the Strategic Business Network)

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The crash was probably the best thing that we have done in the internship to date. The atmosphere in the room was so awesome. I met more useful contacts here than I think I have in a while. The community members that we brought in were just right. The young energetic professionals had a ton of insight and raw energy. The older professionals had the knowledge and experience to justify or dismantle ideas. I think a lot of the success we will have this summer can be attributed to this one event.

-Andrew Arnett

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It was great to hear what they are thinking about and what they would help us with if we tried it. It was also great to hear what people had tried and what worked or did not work. These people were so passionate and had such great stories that it was obvious that they just want to make Dayton a better place.

-Keri Martz

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…This was very successful.  The crash is exactly what we needed because it allowed us direct person-to-person contact with individuals that are active in the community and who are already working with each other.  We now have so many fantastic POC’s for future partnerships.

-Andrew Harbach