The Last IAN Session for The Summer Challenge Team


What is IAN?

“A new creative process to evaluate previous ideas in a fresh and innovative way that will allow us to view concrete ideas as more fluid”


IAN, the Institute for Arts Nexus*, is ArtStreet’s new experimental pilot curriculum. Developed from the former ArtStreet Experience mini-course, ArtStreet’s course offerings have been divided into two IAN courses during the regular semesters: UDI 371 (open to all students) and UDI 372 (ArtStreet residents only). The goal of the IAN is to empower a forward-thinking 21st century student with the ability to confidently develop the imaginative and creative skills necessary to excel and impact today’s innovative and global workforce regardless of degree focus.

* nexus noun \’nek-ses\
: a relationship or connection between people or things

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To empower a new generation of University of Dayton students to harness the power of the Imagination – Creativity – Innovation Continuum and apply it to their degree-focused academic development.



Through applied creative training, the student’s idea of what is and what can be in both their field of study and the world they live in will broaden in imagined and innovative ways.










When artistic fusion and imagined perspectives are put to use within the academic frameworks of high education the student will now have the creative confidence to not only project possible solutions to unique obstacles but will have the earned and trained wherewithal to speak about the limitless creative ideas in their fields.

The Collaboratory’s internship for the summer of 2015 that is partnered with the Air Force Research Lab and the University of Dayton meshed with ArtStreet’s IAN program and incorporated it into their summer curriculum. The summer challenge team engaged in this program every Wednesday since the start of the internship.


Who’s behind IAN?

Brian LaDuca

Brian LaDuca

Director, ArtStreet

Brian LaDuca is the former Managing Director of the Theatre and Performance Studies program at the University of Chicago where he also taught directing for the stage and arts management. His theatre credits include work at the Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival, Nebraska Repertory Theatre, Drury Lane Theatre, Northlight Theatre, Northwestern University, and Bailiwick Chicago Theatre where he was Executive Director from 2010 through 2012. His masters thesis, Directing Six Degrees of Separation: Multimedia in Contemporary Theatre, is currently published by Lambert Academic Publishing. Brian’s current work focuses on using the multidisciplinary nature of art as a tool to innovate and impact the evolving conscience of America and its 21st century culture and belief systems. ArtStreet is the resource for such immersive and creative conversation and art will be that catalyst needed to brave such theory and thought.


M.F.A., Directing for the Stage and Screen, University of Nebraska – Lincoln

B.F.A., Performance Studies (Directing & Producing), University of Illinois – Urbana

Adrienne Ausdenmoore

Adrienne Ausdenmoore

Associate Director, ArtStreet

Adrienne (Niess) Ausdenmoore has been working at ArtStreet since it opened in 2004, and has served as Associate Director since 2011. She oversees all marketing and communications for ArtStreet, and works closely with the Arts Leadership Group to develop and implement arts marketing strategies across campus. She also serves as chair of the AALI Web and Communications Team.


M.B.A., Business Administration, University of Dayton

B.F.A., Visual Communication Design, University of Dayton

Where is IAN held?


IAN is held at ArtStreet on University of Dayton’s campus.

Mailing Address:
ArtStreet, University of Dayton
300 College Park
Dayton, OH 45469-2620

Physical Address:
330 Kiefaber Street
Dayton, OH 45409

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What the Summer Challenge Team thinks of IAN…


“I thought it was useful to get your mind working in a different space.”

“Creative thinking, outside of the box, working in a creative space to get creative results.”

“Overarchingly, IAN has taught me that I know I have the ability to relate and convey information… It has taught me how to relay information to what others know. Meaning, everyone has a different problem and solution process… This has taught me to identify the best way people can recieve information, and how I can creatively convey that information….. IAN is the sh*t!”

“This is the door to a creative outlet, it opens your mind to new possibilities and allows you to interpret in a different light… and ideas in a different light.”

“Allowed me to strecth my way of thinking and help to formulize a creative process for me… Because before I thought creativity was just off the wall ideas. It’s allowed me to recognize when I see something that is creative, I can now understand why it’s creative and analyze why someone thought the way they did to creat that something. The most valuable thing I got out of this is using improbable material to create unexpected outcomes.”

“The end ideation.”