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Welcoming The Victory Project Into Our Space 6.24.15


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The Collaboratory met with 3 young men and their leader from the Victory Project and two men from The Rivers Institute that are partnering with the Victory Project this summer for a summer challenge (discussed later). We helped them ideate and brainstorm on what a local buisness is and what makes it successful.

The Victory Project’s Mission: [Without government funding] Empower young men to discover the life God intended by mastering self-awareness, self-sufficiency and selfless service, building an uncommon alliance with uncommon youth for uncommon results.

Their Location:

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The Collaboratory’s Brain Storming Session With The Victory Project:

Marketing, Finances, Employees, Operations, and Life Long Learning

Why did you choose this group?

“I want to become a young entrepreneur

“I want to learn about businesses”

“I can benefit from things this group can offer”

“It sounds more fun than going out and biking… how to learn a buisness”


End Goal : Buisness plan for a small business/ bike shop


What do we know about small buisness:

-breakfast diners

-spread community wise

-locally wise – example: corner store

Why would people own a buisness:

to become successful in life success as in being a graduate from college, owning a buisness, financially stable

define a problem in the world, and see how you can fix it

think how you can help other people too – community need

fill a need


What buisness would you open that is driven by passion:

Personal protection for belongings

Arts related, a studio

Helping Seniors

Water Bottle with a Cause

Business that’ll make the most $$:

Finding Lost Item

Gaming System

Community Need:



Example: Teen Hangout

To keep them off the streets..

video-games, wifi, food

peer-to-peer mentoring

near a school

business incubator