The work of The Collaboratory is focused on building a more thriving region by providing the Collaborative Infrastructure for unleashing human & organizational potential that results in the creation of new economic, social and creative capital.


At The Collaboratory, Daytonians uncover a renewed Sense of Purpose. They find that spot where their passion and skill set collide with the community’s opportunities and needs, their personal “yellow brick road.”


In order to elevate Daytonians’ Sense of Connectedness, The Collaboratory connects the dots in ways people never imagined. The unexpected outcomes of improbable pairings are the heart of civic innovation. They create new, shared futures.


The Collaboratory believes Dayton will thrive with a strengthened Sense of Optimism. Our community is full of challenges, but more importantly it’s full of potential and possibilities. We can create new economic, social and creative capital by more fully unleashing the potential that exists among Dayton’s citizens and organizations.